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Tel: 01268 752123 or 01245 333 900

What to Expect?

Initial consultation (Approx 40 minutes)

The main objective of your first visit is for us to diagnose your condition and establish if Chiropractic can help you. To enable us to achieve this we will ask you to explain the symptoms and discomfort that you have been experiencing. This will help us to form a thorough case history of your problem. Once your Chiropractor has all the details that they need, a full examination will be performed which will include neurological examination, orthopaedic examination and a Chiropractic examination. (You will be asked to wear a medical gown for this examination). Your Chiropractor will assess if x-rays are necessary and if they are required then they will be taken at this point using our on site digital x-ray system.

Report of Findings (Approx 30 minutes)

This will be your 2nd visit to your Chiropractor, and it is scheduled a day or so after your Initial consultation. Your Chiropractor will have had time to assess his findings from your 1st visit and will then be able to explain to you in full about your condition, what Chiropractic can do to help you and how long you can expect before noticing changes in your health. To help you understand your condition your Chiropractor will explain your x-rays to you (if taken) and use anatomical models (plastic spines!) to help you understand further. Your 1st Chiropractic adjustment will also be given on this visit if appropriate.

If we find that Chiropractic care cannot help you then a referral to another medical practitioner will be made.

3rd Visit (Approx 20 minutes)

This visit begins with the Chiropractor enquiring about your response to your 1st chiropractic adjustment given on your last visit. Depending on your response, your Chiropractor will be able to produce a personalised schedule of care to fit your set of circumstances. This is because you are an individual and how quickly you respond is not necessarily how quickly somebody else responds. If appropriate your 2nd Chiropractic adjustment will be given at this appointment.

Regular Adjustment appointment (Approx 10 minutes)

A regular adjustment appointment requires just 10 minutes. We appreciate how important your time is, and so we do everything possible to run to time to cause as little disruption to your daily life. Each chiropractic adjustment will build on the previous one, so it is important to stick to the schedule that your Chiropractor will have given you. As you move forward with your schedule you may also be given exercises to complement your adjustments, allowing you to help with your own improvement!


Tel: 01268 752123

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