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  • After suffering a long time with my back, I tried several avenues of treatment. After no luck, I was recommended to Stuart by a friend, who at the time was having treatment.

    The first time I met Stuart I immediately felt at ease. Stuart is very easy to talk to and explained his diagnosis and the road to recovery in great detail.

    Stuart is very professional and brilliant at what he does. He has helped me to lead my pain free life again. I was treated through both of my pregnancies and I sailed through both with no back problems at all.

    Stuart is now treating my little boy who is 2 years and 9 months old. Stuart has a lovely nature and is brilliant with children.

    Stuart is very dedicated to his work and it shows.

    Denise Bolton

  • I have been attending his practice for the past 4 years and thanks to the care and attention I have received I can now lead a more normal life than I ever envisaged.

    I can certainly recommend the treatments offered by this spinal clinic as a more than possible solution to anyone suffering chronic back pain.

    Mrs S Hughes

  • Seven years ago, at the age of 38, I started to have pain in my left ankle and foot.

    After many visits to private specialists, physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions, and 2 minor operations for infections into my ankle bone I was finally told that I have coalition (fusion of the bone) and arthritis in my left ankle.

    I ended up having to use crutches to get around with and had to use a wheelchair for shopping trips. I was in so much pain day in, day out and took painkillers constantly. Because I couldn't walk without limping, this affected my hips, thigh, back, shoulders and neck. I was getting very bad headaches too.

    The last consultant that I saw said that my last, and only option, was to have an operation where they would “fuse” my ankle. It wasn’t guaranteed and also involved at least 6 months recovery. I have 2 children, who are now 11 and 15, and obviously the thought of being laid up in plaster didn't really appeal as I wouldn't have been able to look after them properly.

    I made an appointment at Stuart Lawrence’s Clinic, just over 3 years ago. I didn't hold out much hope, it was a case of I had tried all the conventional methods and thought that his care may give me some relief, even if only for my back and neck pain.

    At my first appointment with Stuart, he gave me an examination and advised that my right shoulder and right hip were 3/4 of an inch “out”, compared to my left shoulder and hip. This was due to me limping all the time.

    I started having regular sessions with Stuart, and after the first couple, my headaches had all but stopped. My back and hip soon started to feel much better and my ankle wasn't as painful as he was strapping it and this was giving it proper support. I was amazed at how pain free I was becoming!

    Within 1 month I was no longer using crutches and the wheelchair was resigned to the garage.

    I now visit Stuart once a month for a spinal therapy session. I still suffer pain in my ankle occasionally, but thanks to Stuart the rest of me is pain free.

    I do sometimes wonder what sort of condition I would be in now if I had never made that first appointment.

    To me Stuart Lawrence is an absolute professional . He has helped me so much, to lead a normal life again.

    Nobody really enjoys being ‘pulled about’, but I must say that I do actually enjoy my appointments as Stuart has always shown compassion in his treatment of me. I have also had appointments with other members of staff and they too have been compassionate towards me. It s always a pleasure to visit his clinics as he and his staff are lovely, friendly people.
    Also my two daughters, aged 11 and 15, have monthly appointments with Stuart and have been seeing him for nearly 3 years now. He is great with them and has helped them in immensely too.

    Mrs Tracey Blyth

  • Nearly 3 years ago, when I was 9 years old, I was in hospital with viral asthma and a chest infection.

    My mum took me to see Stuart Lawrence at his clinic. A few days after I came home from hospital. I had regular appointments for a while and I now see him once a month. My viral asthma is lots better now and I haven't had to go back to hospital.

    After I had a chest infection I fractured my knee cap. The hospital gave me a leg brace and crutches. I was limping a lot and seeing Stuart helped me a lot to keep me mobile. I like seeing Stuart at my appointments as he has helped me a lot and I always have a laugh with him and he is very nice.

    Tahnee Blyth

  • I am nearly 15 years old, nearly 3 years ago I had an accident and hurt my ankle. My mum and dad took me to A & E and they said I had sprained my ankle.

    I was in a lot of pain so my mum took me to see Stuart Lawrence at his clinic.

    Stuart x-rayed my ankle and found it was broken. My mum and dad then took me back to A & E where they put my leg in plaster. If it hadn't been for Stuart then my ankle wouldn't have healed properly and I would eventually probably need an operation.

    I still visit Stuart now once a month as he helped me a lot with my physical health. I enjoy seeing him as he is friendly and he seems really good at his job.

    Courtney Blyth

  • Hello All,
    Just want to say a few words.

    When I first came to see Stuart Lawrence when he worked at Hockley, in considerable pain with arthritis in several areas, I was put on a course of treatment.

    Right away I was feeling the benefits. I completed the course of care and therefore have been pain free, and have taken no medication for four years.

    I thank Stuart Lawrence and his wonderful team for improving my quality of life, so much better.I will continue regular visits to the clinic.
    Very best regards

    Carol Dawkins (75 years old)

  • I have been treated by Stuart Lawrence for several years and have found his treatment both professional and effective.

    With the adjustments that he has done and the back care information he has given me over the time that I have seen him, my lower back pain has become almost negligible and my flexibility has improved greatly.

    <[?I find that treatment every four or five weeks helps to maintain these improvements and would certainly recommend this to anyone who experiences problems with their lower back.

    From my experience I can thoroughly recommend chiropractic and spinal therapy treatment and can also recommend Mr Lawrence as a practitioner.

    Bob Munson

  • After a few years of off and on back pain in March 2003, whilst reaching out for a runaway child, my back finally gave out. I was in some considerable pain, unable to lie in bed and needing assistance getting out of a chair. Not knowing which way to turn I resorted to the yellow pages and came across Stuart in the Yellow Pages.

    My back was in such a way I was advised to begin treatment twice a week. I was then cut down to once a week. Stuart felt that to strengthen my back I would benefit from using the gym at the clinic for a while. I began to be able to do more activities in life including keeping up with my two children.

    Every treatment I’ve taken with Stuart and other staff I have always had explained what procedure is being undertaken and why. I like the fact that I’ve never been pressurised into taking treatment that I dont need and currently attend the Benfleet clinic every six weeks. I find Stuart and all the staff to be not only professional but also friendly.

    Michelle Nutman

  • I have been treated by Stuart Lawrence for more than ten years now and have found his treatment both professional and effective.

    After and initial inspection, which was quickly arranged, and a thorough spinal check, I began treatment. My improvement was remarkable.

    I find that treatments every four or five weeks help to maintain improvements and my mobility and would certainly recommend this and the subsequent benefits.

    From my experience I can thoroughly recommend chiropractic and Spinal Therapy treatment and can also recommend Mr Lawrence as a practitioner.

    Patricia Munson

  • We first met Stuart when he made a presentation speech at a club in Eastwood we attended, what Stuart said made sense to me. So I made an appointment, the first thing Stuart asked was “What do you want from me?” no one had ever asked this before. I was impressed. My answer seemed to be correct as Stuart said, right, after examination and X-rays a diagnosis was explained and treatment started.

    Once the back goes there is no cure but with exercise and treatment one can have a good lifestyle. It is a long slow progress, we all want the magic wand but at 71 years I can walk and cycle with no pain.

    After a year I booked my husband in as he had been in pain and was told many times nothing could help him. Well Stuart has his back much improved and we tell our friends how we have been helped.

    We both look forward to our visits, Stuart and staff are now our friends and we enjoy the friendly chats and banter we exchange.

    Audrey and Frank Treglohan (71 and 73 y.o.)

  • I have known Stuart Lawrence for more than ten years as my spinal therapist. I can confirm that he is a man of impeccable professionalism, great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his work, is very altruistic, and I have had no reason to doubt his expertise.

    I have been a regular patient since I was 15 years old, and I have never doubted his competence or professionalism in the ten years I have been his patient.

    In this time I have seen him expand from a small room in a local health-food store to the two clinics he has today. This success is not only a direct result of his expertise, but can also be attributed to Stuart’s personality and work ethic. He is extremely well liked by the staff and patients alike, and creates a welcoming atmosphere in all his clinics.

    For your information, I am an Assistant manager at Enterprice rent a car, and have been employed by this company for the last three years. I believe that my managerial experience by this company makes me an excellent judge of character. I am also a senior instructor for Tang Sou Dao, a chinese martial art which I have studied for the last eleven years, achieving my 3rd Duan black belt ranking earlier this year. Stuart has been instrumental in helping me achieve my success, not only due to his proficiency, but also as a result of his advice and guidance over the years.

    James Parker BSc, MSc (25y.o.)

  • We moved to Thundersley in 1976 when i was 10 years old. Shortly after moving I was taken to the doctors and told I had flu, asthma and scoliosis. The previous doctor that had seen me since a child had said that I had Bronchitis and thats why I could not breath and be a normal child.

    When I think back on the first 10 years of my life they were lonely and not the life of a normal child. I was unable to play with my friends and spent play time standing in the shelter of the building watching the other children playing and having fun. I missed birthdays and trips out as I could not breath.

    I remember as a child always being told to stand up straight, but i could never understand what straight was and why I could not stand in the same way as the other children my age. Having the flu and suffering from asthma I spent a long time lying in bed trying my hardest to lay “straight”.

    Spending so much time lying in bed I started to feel discomfort in my back, not pain, just a niggling feeling. Throughout the following years I started to develop pain in my right hip and a hump started forming on my right shoulder blade.

    In my last year at school my right leg started giving way when walking, often when I was crossing a road on the way to school. My friend would pull me up and hold on to me as it often gave way a few times.

    My mum kept searching for answers and pushing my doctor for a second opinion, the doctors would not commit to a diagnosis for me at the age of 15. I eventually met Mr Gardener, a specialist in spinal conditions. He said I needed surgery immediately or I would end up in a wheelchair. I was offered surgery for two weeks later but my mum refused and we waited until I had finished school in the June of 1982.

    I had the surgery aged 16 and all seemed to go well. I was then fitted with a specialised jacket that was removed a year later. Shortly after the removal of the jacket the problems started again. I had one visit to the physiotherapist pool at Basildon hospital but was discharged. I was a good swimmer and instead of supervised physiotherapy treatment I was given a swimming pass so I could swim for free at the local pool to aid my recovery. This was my treatment and rehabilitation finished.

    With my new lease of life I was making up for the lost years of my life. I became more active but the pain got more frequent and intense. My right hip would often feel like something was coming out of place with clicks and crunches all the time. My hip would lock up and it was painful to try to and move.

    I remember being out in Hadleigh with my parents, I would take a few steps but have to stop as my hip locked tight. Once it relaxed I would start walking again and my hip would lock up again, this would happen several times a day. My doctor was of no help and he said “you have had major surgery what do you expect?”

    I had a two year period where I could not even push doors open as I would experience severe stabbing pains in-between my shoulder blades, so I would use my full body weight to push doors open.

    The Doctors only answer is pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets.

    The pain in my back has progressively got worse over the years, two years ago I was ready to give up work. I could not stand up with any speed or sit as it was just too painful. Doctors offered me more surgery which I could not accept, after taking such a long time to recover from treatment in my teens. I was now faced with being a single mother of 3 children and recovering from major surgery.

    I did not have much choice other than to carry on with the day to day life suffering from pain.

    Things started to improve when I went to my children’s school fete, where I met Stuart from Spinal and Natural Healthcare. Stuart strongly believed that he could help improve my quality of life.

    Although this has been an expense that I could ill afford, I am glad I made the decision to go ahead with this schedule of care as I feel able to carry on working and being active with my children. We even went to the beach and I was able to join in and build a sandcastle!

    I have an active job history. I was a life guard and went on to become a swimming teacher. I also joined a diving club in the late 80’s. (Sub aqua diving) I had a medical examination before being allowed to join by my doctor. Looking back I don’t think I should have been passed fit to dive, especially with my asthma and potential silent bends. At the same time I was fencing for a local club, which after many years I gave up due to back pain. I did do a lot of sports after the operation, maybe went over the top a bit, but, I could not do sport before, even though I enjoyed it.

    Stuart at Spinal & Natural has added years to my life, I feel young and more able.

    Sharon Jewell

  • "Approximately three years ago I was on holiday in Scotland. One day my back went and I saw a local doctor and she prescribed pain killers. The next day I drove all the way back to england (my wife had offered to drive) but i thought i would be OK.

    On my return to England the pain was getting worse and I tried everything, even down to a cold and hot compress. Then after a week someone said why didn't I try a Chiropractor which I accordingly did and I then met Stuart, he gave me an x-ray which showed that my spine was out of line.

    From that day to this I have had no trouble, at first I was having quite a few treatments and since then I have one per month just to keep me supple. Stuart is knowledgable and very understanding always smiling and treats you as if you are his only patient.

    I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone the relief he gives is priceless."

    Ken McAlpin.

  • I have been coming to the clinic for 7 years, the benefits I have had are the ability to sit at my desk, without pain 7 hours a day. Since starting care I never get any problems at all. In the past when I was at work I used to have problems with my neck, my wrists and shoulders but now I get nothing.

    I come in every 3 or 4 weeks for a check up, just to keep everything in line and working properly.

    I work at Coots and Co in an office environment and have done for the last 5 years. Since seeing Stuart I have not had any problems there at all.

    In my free time I play the drum in a marching band, which due to lifting the weight was another one of the causes of my problems. I no longer get any problems with that either so am able to do the hobbies I want to do without worrying about it.

    I am very happy with the care I have had and would happily refer anyone to the Spinal & Natural Healthcare centre.

    Lauretta Wood

  • cheryl-safferyI have been coming to see Stuart at the Spinal & Natural Healthcare Centre for 12 years now.

    I work at First Data in Basildon as a Business analyst. My job requires some travel to other countries. I used to get pain down my back and in my shoulders and neck when travelling and also when sitting using a PC. I suffered from headaches virtually every day and I was generally in discomfort a lot of the time.

    Since seeing Stuart, if I do get any minor aches, they disappear quickly. My headaches have completely gone and I can now move easily without pain. The level of improvement is definitely down to the care I have had over the years.

    I generally feel good in myself and the care I have had has really helped me. Thank you.

    Cheryl Saffery

  • ian-collettI had suffered with pains in my legs and lower back since I was a child, but in my 40’s I was introduced to Stuart Lawrence and his spinal therapy.

    His diagnosis of my discomfort and resulting treatment meant that for the first time for as long as I could remember, I could walk, sit and sleep without pain and without medication.

    Having treated the initial problem, I now have monthly spinal therapy maintenance visits, and enjoy full mobility and good health. Even long days in the driving seat or office chair are now no issue, just a stretch or roll of the shoulders and my back muscles relax back into place and any tightness melts away.

    Ian Collet

  • michelle-nutmanI can always tell when my 10 year old daughter Chloe is about to have an ear infection as she begins to lose her hearing slightly, which also hinders her in the classroom in school.

    After mentioning yet another ear infection to Stuart his reply was “bring her in, let me have a look”. This I did and Stuart’s verdict was glue ear.

    Chloe only needed two appointments with Stuart when her ear ‘popped’ and gradually the wax/fluid (or as Chloe likes to call it, The Gunk) in the ear started to disperse.

    If there is a next time with for Chloe & an infection in her ears Stuart will be my first port of call rather than my own GP and a prescription for antibiotics.

    Michelle Nuttman


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