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Hypnosis - everyone experiences it differently!

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state, it is not sleep and you are not unconscious. It is a bit like having a daydream or being completely engrossed in a book or TV programme. There is no standard ‘hypnotised feeling’ - everyone experiences it differently. No-one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. It is a tool which allows you to make beneficial changes in your life. For example, someone may have tried to quit smoking several times without success. They may have low confidence or suffer from stress. It could be that they want to break a habit such as nail biting. There are many ways in which this therapy could be able to help them.

What is Massage?

Massage is a combination of various movements used to manipulate tissues for both local and overall effects and benefits. The movements range from soft stroking to invigorating and deeper friction, depending on the desired effect.

Sports Injuries

Stuart Lawrence, our Clinical Director and specialist Spinal Therapist, has both participated in sports and worked with many different sporting professionals over the years. He has worked with the British Masters Medical Team and assisted members of the UK Masters athletic team who won gold in Slovenia. He has also assisted a number of professional footballers and numerous sportsmen and women participating in a wide range or games and activities.

Paediatric Care

As a healthcare practitioner with over 12 years clinical experience and also as someone who was raised with an alternative viewpoint on health, I have, together with my team, endeavoured to create a series of informative presentations. Presentations which families can attend and not only find informative but which will enable them to ask those nagging questions to which they seek an answer.

Free Associate Corporate Membership

In these financially challenging times, companies are finding that the provision of many staff benefits have become overly expensive and thereby no longer cost effective. However many staff are suffering from rising costs of living and in some cases what amounts to, in real terms, a reduction of income. This is when our corporate membership scheme can bring rewards to both the Company and its employees at no cost for the basic membership itself.


Treatment for Vertebral Subluxation

animatedVertebral SubluxationVertebral Subluxation is the medical term used when one or more of the bones of the spine have moved out of position and are creating pressure on, or irritation to, the nerves in the spine.



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