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Phases of Care

Spinal Care – a route to improving health

Here at the Spinal & Natural Healthcare Centre, in Essex, we guide our clients along a pathway which leads them to achieving not only better health but also the sense of well-being which invariably accompanies it.

You may have previous knowledge of osteomyology or you may have experienced chiropractic, osteopathic or physiotherapy in the past or perhaps all such treatments are completely new to you. Regardless of which, you may have questions about the treatments we provide to which you require answers. We will be most happy to do so and we will also be asking you some questions of our own. Questions which will enable us to understand any specific health problems which you may be experiencing. The spinal care we provide is different from medical care and it is not a substitute for more traditional forms of treatment. Medical doctors have their areas of expertise and we have ours. We are specialists in correcting an often silent yet debilitating condition called 'vertebral subluxation'. Simply expressed, this is an interference with the normal nerve functions and it can be caused by a variety of factors. To establish these, we will need to discuss your individual subluxations and health concerns with you.

What are normal nerve functions?

Nerves conduct life (transmit instructions) from the brain to the tissues and, free from interference, healthy nerves conduct (send) messages to every part of your body. This is the "Life Force" within you, it is that 'innate sense' that sparks animation in all your cells and which coordinates all the functions of your body. However, our bodies can sometimes suffer traumas and that 'innate sense' is sometimes short-circuited. This short-circuit is the vertebral subluxation that we need to investigate!

The results can range from no symptoms at all, to a sense of general unhealthiness, minor discomfort or at worst - acute physical pain. This may well have happened to you without you knowing it. Cut the nerve to a tooth and the tooth will die. Cut the nerve to your thumb and it won't function as it should. Nerves conduct life and if something interferes with the natural conduction process, then healthy tissues may become diseased or even die.

Why consult us?

If you have symptoms (pains, signals, alarms, warnings) that have prompted you to contact us, then we will have the opportunity of working together to correct the interferences they are causing. After an initial examination we will be able to ascertain what treatment will be applicable and this treatment will only extend to the maximum that your body will safely allow. If we discover long-standing or severe tissue damage we will, in an ideal world, work in conjunction with your Doctor, or other practitioner to achieve your desired health goals.

There are three levels to the spinal care process :-

  1. Acute Relief care
  2. Reconstructive care
  3. Supportive care

Factors such as age, life-style, physical condition, and the duration of the problem will play a large part in the care process.

First, you will be thoroughly examined and will be given either first aid care and/or home care instructions. On your next visit we will explain what we have found and discuss what we believe to be the best programme of care for you. Frequent visits are often necessary in the beginning because spinal disorders must be corrected gradually and gently. While the actual adjustment itself takes only a few minutes, the body's correction process does take time. You will be re- evaluated in 3 to 4 weeks to determine the amount of spinal correction achieved. You will be promoted to less frequent visits as this correction takes place.

You will also be helped to better understand your condition and care with an appointment aimed specifically at 'how to get healthy again'. At this meeting it may be a good idea for your spouse or partner to attend with you and thus better understand your condition and the care you need.

Very often symptoms disappear before the spine is stabilized, but it is very important that you complete your programme after the symptoms disappear, for it is only in this way that we can help to correct the underlying problem.

To assist in enabling patients to undergo treatment with us, our fees are kept at the lower range of what is considered reasonable and customary within the profession.


Tel: 01268 752123

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