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Paediatric Care

As a healthcare practitioner with over 12 years clinical experience and also as someone who was raised with an alternative viewpoint on health, I have, together with my team, endeavoured to create a series of informative presentations. Presentations which families can attend and not only find informative but which will enable them to ask those nagging questions to which they seek an answer.

The information provided is sourced from my ongoing training with the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association in Paediatric and Family Practice. The talks have been broken down into various topics and we will be featuring a number of guest speakers, all of whom are experts in their own field of alternative paediatric health information.

We are also fortunate in having created a link with Clive Maloney, a director of Praxis4 Learning and Development. He offers a range of courses, of which one in particular is very useful to our practice members and friends of the clinic. Clive is able to provide three different courses for both parents and professional child-carers with regard to First Aid and of particular relevance - Paediatric First Aid.

We have broken down both our family information talks and the paediatric first aid courses below, just to get an idea of how Spinal & Natural is becoming the leader in local family care around the Benfleet and surrounding areas.

The Family information talks we provide are as follows; Boosting Your Child's Immunity

Healthier eating, exercise and changes in lifestyle.

The Well-Balanced Child

Educating parents on the importance of not over-scheduling their child but keeping them on a healthy pace. Essentially, don't pressure them into undertaking more activities than they can reasonably cope with, take it gently.

The Beverage Dilemma

Helping parents to understand the health consequences of allowing their children to drink too many caffeinated drinks and other unhealthy drink options.

Function vs. Fashion

Educating parents on the importance of purchasing the right backpack and on helping them to instruct their children with regard to loading and carrying. This is essential in protecting their growing spines from developing faults during childhood.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

introducing mothers to the latest recommendations regarding 'breastfeeding for the first six months of life' from the American Academy of Paediatrics.

Car Seats and Your Child's Safety

Educating parents on the importance of properly installed car seats and underlining the fact that a safety seat is not a guarantee that their child will escape completely unscathed from an auto accident.

Food Allergies

The importance of a healthy diet in avoiding a child developing food allergies during their growing years.

Home Remedies for the Family

Always a very popular topic, this presentation will introduce the parent to healthy home remedies that can help to relieve their family's suffering without reaching for over-the-counter medicines. It includes information provided via our 'fun and friendly' PowerPoint presentation and it also contains information provided by an American doctor who specialises in natural paediatric medicine. Stuart Lawrence has trained with him and can provide information which could assist in caring for your children. Caring for them without immediately rushing for either pain medications, anti inflammatories or anti-biotics. An information sheet will be supplied about all these remedies.

The Obese Child

This covers the dangers of childhood obesity and the healthy choices which can help to avoid this rising crisis.

Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home

This will help parents to recognize and remove dangerous and toxic chemicals from their home.

The Price of a Fall

Introducing parents to the concept that childhood falls and tumbles are, in reality, repetitive stress injuries that can lead to adult back pain. Learn how early intervention can prevent decades of health issues.

The Fast Food Dilemma

Educating parents about the hidden dangers to their children's health with the consumption of fast food.

The alternative view point

This is an 'open style' information session that informs people about various health issues. It will include the benefits of spinal care during and after pregnancy and also for your children. We will also include a small section regarding paediatric nutrition with regard to 'whole food 'from our in house supplier Juice Plus and their "soft chewables" Paediatric nutrition. We will provide information on omega 3 and probiotics, basically all the things that my family and I take on a regular basis. There will also be talks about mother and baby massage from our resident massage therapist Joanne. Our resident hypnotherapist, Diane Hamilton, will also be discussing the benefits of hypnosis with regard to assisting the birthing process and stress before and after birth for mothers and fathers.

There is a nominal charge for each of these talks simply to cover the costs of teas coffees and manning the "back office". This is just £3.00 per presentation or £33 for all thirteen. Each talk should is scheduled to last for around 40 minutes, however dependent on which way the wind blows regarding questions and answers we have allocated about an hour and a half for drinks and a bite to eat afterwards. (Bring your own packed lunch)

Our numbers are strictly limited to just 6 adults per session due to the space available. However, should we get a greater than expected number of requests, we will look for an alternative and larger venue. Please log into the members area for dates regarding our 'talks and events' calendar and register your interest by either phone or email.

The first aid courses run by Clive from Praxis4 are based on three different styles. Prices for each the individual courses can be arranged by contacting Clive at Praxis4

Family First Aid

Family First Aid training is designed for parents wanting to learn that little bit extra about what to do in the event of an accident or injury. This is a half-day course covering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking and other important topics. The course has a nice informal style and any requests from the group for specific first aid topics will be accommodated.

Two-day Paediatric First Aid

Children are some of the most vulnerable members of society in a first aid situation, which is why knowing how to respond when an emergency occurs is so important. Praxis4 paediatric first aid courses, will prepare you to respond in an emergency as well as help you to meet OFSTED, NCMA & EYFS standards. The full 2 day paediatric course is relevant to parents, childcare professionals and anyone working with young children and infants.

One-day Paediatric First Aid

If spending two days on a first aid course is a bit of a bind then Praxis4 has the answer. With blended learning you only spend one day in class and complete the first part online, over several days, at your leisure. After you complete the online portion you attend a local, 6-hour, classroom course to receive your 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate. As with the two-day classroom course, this training meets the standards outlined by OFSTED, NCMA and EYFS.

Stuart Lawrence is a Chiropractically trained Spinal Specialist that has extensive training in paediatric problems.


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