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Hypnosis - everyone experiences it differently!

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state, it is not sleep and you are not unconscious. It is a bit like having a daydream or being completely engrossed in a book or TV programme. There is no standard 'hypnotised feeling' - everyone experiences it differently. No-one can make you do anything that you don't want to do. It is a tool which allows you to make beneficial changes in your life. For example, someone may have tried to quit smoking several times without success. They may have low confidence or suffer from stress. It could be that they want to break a habit such as nail biting. There are many ways in which this therapy could be able to help them.

A lady recently came to see me seeking help with studying for an exam. She wanted better concentration and to be able to retain the information that she needed. I explained that she would need a minimum of three sessions. After the first session she said that she didn't really notice any difference, but after the second she said that she felt much more relaxed. When she had completed her third session she passed her mock exam with 100%. Following that she came back for a further session to give her confidence when taking her exam - she passed it with flying colours!


Tel: 01268 752123

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