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What our customers say…

I have been a patient of Stuart’s since 2003.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia which means that I suffer with muscle pain and headaches. Maintenance treatment with Stuart greatly reduces these symptoms and allows me to lead a near normal life.

I have always found Stuart to be knowledgeable, professional and understanding towards my situation. Prior to Stuart, I had tried many other forms of treatment with various practitioners but none were successful – I had to reduce my hours at work because of my symptoms.

I moved from Essex to Suffolk in 2017 and reluctantly said goodbye to Stuart but within a few months of moving, my health had deteriorated and the headaches and muscle pain returned. So, I started my treatments again with Stuart and now visit him once a month which involves a 160-mile round trip – it’s a long way but it’s worth it!

Rick Cameron

After suffering a long time with my back, I tried several avenues of treatment. After no luck, I was recommended to Stuart by a friend. The first time I met Stuart I immediately felt at ease, he is very easy to talk to and explained his diagnosis and the road to recovery in great detail. He is very professional and brilliant at what he does. He has helped me to lead my pain free life again. I was treated through both of my pregnancies and I sailed through both with no back problems at all.

Stuart is now treating my little boy who is 2 years and 9 months old. Stuart has a lovely nature and is brilliant with children, he is very dedicated to his work and it shows.

Denise Bolton

I have been attending Stuart’s practice for the past 4 years and thanks to the care and attention I have received I can now lead a more normal life than I ever envisaged.
I can certainly recommend the treatments offered by this spinal clinic as a more than possible solution to anyone suffering chronic back pain.

Mrs S Hughes

I have known Stuart for more than ten years as my spinal therapist. I can confirm that he is a man of impeccable professionalism, great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his work. I have been a regular patient since I was 15 years old, and I have never doubted his competence or professionalism in the ten years I have been his patient.

In this time I have seen him expand from a small room in a local health-food store to the two clinics he has today. This success is not only a direct result of his expertise, but can also be attributed to Stuart’s personality and work ethic. He is extremely well liked by the staff and patients alike, and creates a welcoming atmosphere in all his clinics.

James Parker

When I first came to see Stuart Lawrence when he worked at Hockley, in considerable pain with arthritis in several areas, I was put on a course of treatment. Right away I was feeling the benefits. I completed the course of care and therefore have been pain free, and have taken no medication for four years. I thank Stuart Lawrence and his wonderful team for improving my quality of life, so much better.I will continue regular visits to the clinic.

Carol Dawkins (75 years old)

I have been treated by Stuart Lawrence for more than ten years now and have found his treatment both professional and effective. After an initial inspection I began treatment and my improvement was remarkable. I find that treatments every four or five weeks help to maintain improvements and my mobility and would certainly recommend this and the subsequent benefits.

From my experience I can thoroughly recommend Mr Lawrence as a practitioner.

Patricia Munson

Seven years ago I started to have pain in my left ankle and foot. After many visits to private specialists I was finally told that I have coalition (fusion of the bone) and arthritis in my left ankle. I was in so much pain day in, day out and took painkillers constantly. Because I couldn’t walk without limping, this affected my hips, thigh, back, shoulders and neck. I was getting very bad headaches too. My consultant said my only option was to have my ankle fused and with at least 6 months recovery I wouldn’t have been able to look after my 2 children properly

I made an appointment with Stuart but I didn’t hold out much hope, but thought that his care may give me some relief, even if only for my back and neck pain. At my first appointment with Stuart advised that my right shoulder and right hip were 3/4 of an inch “out”, compared to my left shoulder and hip. This was due to me limping all the time. After a few sessions my headaches all but stopped, my back and hip soon started to feel much better and my ankle wasn’t as painful as he was strapping it and this was giving it proper support. I was amazed at how pain free I was becoming! Within 1 month I was no longer using crutches and the wheelchair was resigned to the garage.

I do sometimes wonder what sort of condition I would be in now if I had never made that first appointment. To me Stuart Lawrence is an absolute professional. He has helped me so much, to lead a normal life again.

Mrs Tracey Blyth

We first met Stuart when he made a presentation speech at a club in Eastwood we attended, what Stuart said made sense to me. So I made an appointment, the first thing Stuart asked was “What do you want from me?” no one had ever asked this before. I was impressed. After examination and X-rays a diagnosis was explained and treatment started. Once the back goes there is no cure but with exercise and treatment one can have a good lifestyle. It is a long slow progress, we all want the magic wand but at 71 years I can walk and cycle with no pain.

After a year I booked my husband in as he had been in pain and was told many times nothing could help him. Well Stuart has his back much improved and we tell our friends how we have been helped.
We both look forward to our visits, Stuart and staff are now our friends and we enjoy the friendly chats and banter we exchange.

Audrey (71) and Frank Treglohan (73)

We have been treated by Stuart for a number of years now. Regular adjustments help us maintain a comfortable, pain free existence. Stuart has also helped me through two pregnancies, ensuring that everything was in as good an order as possible! Andy is a Paramedic so spends a lot of time driving and doing heavy lifting. This puts a lot of strain on his back and treatment has enabled him to continue working. 

Lauretta Wood

I had suffered with pains in my legs and lower back since I was a child, but in my 40’s I was introduced to Stuart Lawrence and his spinal therapy. His diagnosis of my discomfort and resulting treatment meant that for the first time for as long as I could remember, I could walk, sit and sleep without pain and without medication.

Having treated the initial problem, I now have monthly spinal therapy maintenance visits, and enjoy full mobility and good health. Even long days in the driving seat or office chair are now no issue, just a stretch or roll of the shoulders and my back muscles relax back into place and any tightness melts away.

Ian Collet

I have been coming to see Stuart for 12 years now. I used to get pain down my back and in my shoulders and neck due to work, I suffered from headaches virtually every day and I was generally in discomfort a lot of the time. Since seeing Stuart, if I do get any minor aches, they disappear quickly. My headaches have completely gone and I can now move easily without pain. The level of improvement is definitely down to the care I have had over the years.

I generally feel good in myself and the care I have had has really helped me. Thank you.

Cheryl Saffery

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