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Free Associate Corporate Membership

In these financially challenging times, companies are finding that the provision of many staff benefits have become overly expensive and thereby no longer cost effective. However many staff are suffering from rising costs of living and in some cases what amounts to, in real terms, a reduction of income. This is when our corporate membership scheme can bring rewards to both the Company and its employees at no cost for the basic membership itself.

Corporate membership can offer staff increased energy, alertness and productivity, plus less sickness and absence, which results in Increased engagement and commitment. Each individual can benefit from reduced muscle tension, Improved 'blood flow' and circulation plus decreased stress, anxiety and improved mental alertness.

Stay in Line with Current Legislation

Statistically 5% of the work force suffers with either back pain or a 'work place' injury at any given point in time. The new Government Display Screen Equipment Regulations and the Health & Safety (workplace) Regulations, state the following:-

Unless workplace assessments have been carried out by a suitably qualified individual together with a Health & Safety assessment, litigation can ensue!The great majority of the workforce, around 95% will never have problems.
It is the other 5% who are more than likely to require specialist chairs or equipment for their work. If a prosecution for Repetitive Strain Injuries or back injures occurring within the work place results, it can run into many 100's of thousands of pounds and for a relatively small business this can prove catastrophic.

No Win – No Fee

With many 'no win-no fee' solicitors now getting involved in this sector of the 'Claims Market', they are asking employees the following questions :-

"Do you suffer from lower or upper back pain or tingling in the hands and feet?"

"Do you work for hours on end using a computer?"

"Has your employer failed to have you ergonomically assessed?"

If the answers they get to any of the above questions is YES – then they offer their legal help to the employee to claim against their employer!

A Complete Service to Protect Your Company

To offer a total service to assist companies with regard to the above, we are now working in association with Mr. Garry Wright CMIOSH MIIRSM DipRSA who is able to provide health and safety guidance and together with my team here at Spinal & Natural, we can carry out ergonomic assessments within your work place at a very competitive cost.

Informative Presentations

We are staging a series of informative talks which are of interest to all who value fitness and good health. These are accompanied by in-house health screenings, which are available free or at a very low cost dependent on the benefits you have decided to provide for your staff.

Over the years we have provided alternative health presentations lasting for between ten minutes and two hours, covering a myriad of different health conditions and fitness routines. These have been given to various organisations ranging from the Women's Institute to Rotary Clubs and local Luncheon Groups. Our health screenings have been warmly welcomed by schools, local businesses and large companies such as IKEA.

If you as employer are wanting to mitigate any future liabilities, or as a large organisation are wanting to provide additional in-house services, then we will be delighted to hear from you. I will personally be pleased to arrange an appointment to meet with yourselves either here at the Centre or at your own offices.


Tel: 01268 752123

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