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Chiropractic Services in Thundersley

Do you need a chiropractic services in the Thundersley area? We are based in Benfleet, close to Thundersley. Here at Spinal & Natural Healthcare we guide our clients along a pathway which leads them to achieving not only better health but also the sense of well-being and happiness which invariably accompanies it.

Why Choose Us?

"I have been attending his practice for the past 4 years and thanks to the care and attention I have received I can now lead a more normal life than I ever envisaged."

If you have symptoms (pains, signals, alarms, warnings) that have prompted you to contact us, then we will have the opportunity of working together to correct the interferences they are causing. After an initial examination we will be able to ascertain what treatment will be applicable and this treatment will only extend to the maximum that your body will safely allow. If we discover long-standing or severe tissue damage we will, in an ideal world, work in conjunction with your Doctor, or other practitioner to achieve your desired health goals.

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